PSA Oxygen Plant Process

Atmospheric air contains 78 % of nitrogen & 21% of oxygen. Oxygen in PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) Method is generated by Physical separation of Nitrogen from atmospheric air and outlet the Oxygen is collected for use.

The compressed air is passed through PSA Oxygen Tower which is interconnected with automatic changeover valves. In this Process, We can provide separate /Desiccant air Dryer. This has tendency of adsorbing moisture from compressed air. After that Dried compressed air will now come in contact with bed of Zeolite molecular sieves (ZMS). Zeolite Molecular Sieves are special grade of adsorbent which have the property of preferential adsorption of Nitrogen molecules. At a time one tower remains under Oxygen production cycle, whereas the other tower undergoes regeneration which is achieved through depressurization of the tower to atmospheric pressure. The two towers of PSA modules are inter-connected with automatic changeover valves through pneumatic signal given by solenoid valve which in turn get the electrical signal from the timer provided in the control panel. The changeover time cycle will be 1.5 + 1.5 minute. The outgoing Oxygen gas is sent to a surge vessel where the minimum Oxygen pressure will be maintained with the help of Back pressure Regulator. The product Oxygen will now be sent to the consumer point through a pressure reducing valves at required pressure.

Why KB Polytech Pvt.Ltd.
  • Fully Automatic Operation requiring no special attention
  • Generates Oxygen as and when it required
  • Easy to install and maintaintion free
  • Purity of Oxygen Gas 92-95% can be achieved
KB Polytech Make Oxygen Plant
  • Added two type of automation provided (1w + 1s)
  • We have provided rs 282/rs 485 port provision only,
  • Provided bypass arrangement in rotameter
  • Provide separate air dryer for batter due point (without any pressure & purge drop)
  • More filteration lavel provide (without any pressure drop)
  • After filteration level the oil contain is 0.003 ppm
  • Two year free service support.
  • Piping between psa tower will be s.s 316/ss 304 or sa 105

K.B Polytech is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of high quality PSA Oxygen Plant from Delhi, India. We also provide the spare parts and after sale services for any of the PSA Oxygen Plant in India.